What others are saying …

President Ronald W. Reagan

“Leadership, hard work, experience, loyalty -– that’s what Malcolm Wallop and Frontiers of Freedom are all about.”

President George H.W. Bush

“Frontiers of Freedom does excellent work on a host of issues, but most importantly on national security and defense.”

Vice President Richard B. Cheney

“Frontiers of Freedom is an active, intelligent, and needed presence in the national debate. Washington is a city with many short-term perspectives and narrow interests competing for attention. Frontiers of Freedom offers something different – a perspective shaped by the broad interests of the nation, and by principles that are relevant in every time. By advocating a strong defense, limited government, and the protection of individual rights and doing so in a way that is factual, honest and well argued, Frontiers of Freedom is making a tremendous contribution.”

Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense

“With experts here like my friend, Malcolm Wallop, George Landrith and the folks at Frontiers of Freedom, what am I doing here?” (Joking at a Frontiers’ Freedom Briefing on missile defense in the United States Capitol.)

Senator Orrin Hatch

“I commend Frontiers of Freedom for its good work … promoting legal reform and fighting against eco-terrorism.”

Senator James Inhofe

“I am proud of Frontiers of Freedom for their effective work in educating leaders and the American people. Keep up the good work.”

Senator Jon Kyl

“I want to thank my friends Malcolm and George and Frontiers of Freedom for so effectively and powerfully promoting free markets, liberty and national security. Over the years, they have consistently proven themselves a reliable source for insightful and fact-based analysis of the day’s most important and difficult issues. They provide a voice of reason that can be trusted.”

Senator Zell Miller

“I am proud to stand with Malcolm Wallop, George Landrith, and all of those who, like the man this award is named for – Ronald Reagan – are committed to maintaining America’s freedom… Frontiers of Freedom is a voice that can be trusted.”